Baby Yaks Have Our Backs!

baby-yak-picturesWe’d like to begin this article with an apology folks, because we’re very sorry…that we never knew how adorable baby yaks could be! Native to the Himilayan Region of Central Asia (from Tibet to Mongolia and Russia), and unfortunately vulnerable to extinction, yaks are found in both domestic (where they’re used to pull carts and farm implements) and wild populations, with the wild groups being a bit more shaggy and larger in size. Many peopel think that baby yaks aren’t cute because “they stink”. But the truth is that yak’s wool is odor resistant, so if you ever really wanted to keep a yak as a pet, you’d be safe from catching a case of the stinkies! Mama yaks have a typical gestation period of 257 to 270 days, and give birth to just one calf, usually between May and June. So if you decide to go out and make friends with some baby yaks, you should plan their surprise parties for the late Spring! Like we said before, these adorable wooly beasts are currently listed as “vulnerable to extinction”, but conservation efforts have been put in place to protect them and ensure that we can appreciate them for generations to come!

baby-yak baby-yak-calf baby-yak-cute-picture baby-yak-pics

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Posting Pictures Of Prairie Pups Is Pretty Perfect!

prairie-dog-pups-cute-picsAnd you thought regular dog pups were cute! Folks, there’s no two ways about it: Prairie Dog pups are basically tiny little furry and adorable humans, just look at them interacting with each other! Native to the grasslands of North America, these little rodents are known to live in large groups of family units that span hundreds of acres. Guess what they call these large groups…towns! These towns consist of many individual burrows, and inside these burrows you’ll find adorable prairie pups! The babies spend the first six weeks of their lives inside the burrow nursing from their mother, while their father does his part by foraging and protecting the burrow. There’s a ton of debate over whether these little creatures communally raise their young, or whether there’s fierce competition between parents for resources. Some say that they’ve observed mothers to nurse young that’s not their own, so even if there is some prairie parents out there who don’t have the best intentions, there are others who just want to help everyone! Prairie dogs are primarily herbivores, but will sometimes feed on insects, and are fully grown and ready to fend for themselves by about 5 months old. Prairie dogs are currently in no danger of extinction, so you have plenty of time and opportunity to appreciate these little guys and gals being adorable!

prairie-dog-babies prairie-dog-pups-babies prairie-dog-pups-big prairie-dog-pups-cute prairie-dog-pups-cute-pic

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Baby Gorilla Arrives In Unusual Way

baby-gorilla-c-sectionAnytime a baby animal is born it’s an event for us here at the zoo, but when a baby arrives to world in a special way, it’s an even bigger deal. That’s the case with this as-yet unnamed baby gorilla that was born at the San Diego Zoo recently. The young lady is a rare lowland gorilla, and she was removed from her mommy via c-section after twelve hours of labor! Four hours is very long for a gorilla, so when mama Imani (18 years old) was giving birth for three times as long, it became apparent to veterinarians at the zoo that the baby had to be removed surgically. She was born with a collapsed lung and a wicked case of pneumonia, but thanks to the great doctors at the zoo, she’s in stable condition and had been allowed to go back to her mother’s care. The team in San Diego is still going to keep a close eye on the sickly little ape, but she’s looking like she will make a full recovery! She was born tiny and sick, but someday she will be almost six feet tall and four hundred pounds! Her handlers better get their hugs in now before she’s too big, because she’s already strong enough that they’re having some trouble doing her exams. We’ll keep an eye on her for you and let you know how she grows up, and if they ever give the little one a name; our vote is for “Ape-ril”!

baby-gorilla-c-section-cute baby-gorilla-c-section-pics A newborn gorilla receives oxygen

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Arctic Foxes Will Warm Your Heart

baby-arctic-fox-picsNative to the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, the Arctic Fox, also known as the “Snow Fox”, is responsible for making some of the cutest pups in the animal kingdom. These pups are basically tiny little adorable ninjas, known for their ability to blend in to their surroundings. In the winter when the snow in their environment is at its most plentiful, they have white coat that makes them invisible to predators. However, when the snow starts to melt and they need to better blend into the dirt and forest foliage, their coat turns more of a brown color. Arctic fox cubs are born in litters of up to fifteen babies are a two to three month gestation period, almost always in the beginning of the summer. They spend their first few months living in their den with mama, protected by the network of tunnel, growing stronger until they’re ready to be independent during the long and cold winter. Arctic foxes have been known to sometimes be kept as pets, but are very hard to domesticate. So if you decide to move to the Arctic and want something adorable to cuddle with, you might be able to get your hands on one of these super cute babies!

baby-arctic-fox baby-arctic-fox-cute-picture baby-arctic-fox-pic baby-arctic-fox-pic-cute cute-animals-arctic-Fox

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Rare White Lion Triplets Born In Poland

baby-white-lionsAzira had babies! Sorry folks, we’re excited, but perhaps we should explain before we start up our hooting and our hollering: Azira is a white lion, a a type of African Lion that’s born with a birth defect that gives it its white fur. Only ninety white lions currently exist in the entire world, as most are born with rough birth defects that make it hard for them to stay healthy; this is why it’s so amazing to us that Azira gave birth to triplets! The father of the three adorable little fuzz balls is named Sahim, and he lives in a cage right next to the one that houses the babies and their patiently feeding mother. Word has it that daddy roars at anyone who comes too close to his new family; we can’t blame him, they’re so cute that someone is bound to want to snatch them up! The birth defects that are so common in this species often lead to mothers rejecting their babies, so this happy and healthy family is a truly rare sight. The triplets were born at a private zoo in Borysew, Poland, and will be let out for their first run and check-up in April.cute-baby-white--lion poland-white-lions poland-white-lions-baby

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Baby Weasels Will Weasel Their Way Into Your Heart!


Found all over the world (with the only exceptions being Antarctica, Australia, and their neighboring islands), weasels have unfortunately gained a reputation as vermin because of their habit of their predatory habits. However, almost every furry predator is just a misunderstood beast, and weasels are no exception, especially when they’re babies. Consisting of breeds like polecats, stoats, ferrets,and minks; the weasel genus starts out as skinny little babies; adorable babies. These babies will someday chase prey into burrows and exhibit great physical speed and mental cleverness. Like we said before, despite being adorable little ones, weasels have a bad reputation; a reputation that extends into the realm of superstition. In Native American and Greek cultures, weasels symbolize bad luck and death, and were often hunted because of this. It’s unfortunate, because any furry animal that’s this adorable as a baby can’t be that bad when it grows up. Citizens of Macedonia clearly realize this, as they’ve always seen weasels as signs of good fortune. Regardless of how you feel about them as signs of the future, one thing is for sure: they’re cute babies, so give them a chance!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA baby-weasel baby-weasel-cute baby-weasel-cute-picadorable-baby-weasels

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Baby Animals Before They’re Even Born!

baby-dog-wombWant proof that baby animals are always cute? Take a look at these photos, taken with teeny tiny cameras inside the wombs of mother animals, and realize that baby animals are even adorable before they’re born. Taken for a documentary aimed at giving people a look at the developmental processes of the animal kingdom, these photos show us how elephants, penguins, leopards, and even dogs look while they’ve yet to enter the world. Once they’re born, these little creatures will be adorable, and then go on to live lives that range from survival in the arctic to survival in a house full of humans, but while they’re in the womb they’re just peaceful little bundles of cute whose only concern is growing and being born. Many animals have a gestation period that is about the same as that of human beings, but some live in their mama far shorter or at least a little bit longer. Either way, they use their time inside to get nourishment from the food their mother ingests and develop from little tiny zygotes into fully developed babies, unless they’re hatched, in which case they develop inside eggs cared for and incubated by their parents. However they develop, they’re little bundles of amazing once they come out!baby-dolphin-womb baby-elephant-womb baby-leopard-womb baby-penguin-womb baby-polar-bear-womb

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Oryx Calfs Are Or-Dorable!


Unfortunately facing extinction in all of its forms, an “oryx” is actually any one of four species of antelope. Broken down into Arabian Oryx, Scimitar Oryx, East African Oryx, and Gemsbok (which are actually an invasive species in the South-western United States), this group is a very majestic antelope that can be found mostly in Africa. No matter if it’s a boy or a girl, an oryx will always develop and keep very sharp horns throughout its life. The sharpness of these horns and their ability to hold up in battle against predators as big as lion has led many to refer to the oryx as the “Sabre Antelope”, which might be the coolest name ever given to a hooven beast. A very durable and capable animal, the oryx is able to run with a pack mere moments after birth. Another great thing about oryx calfs, is that they’re very adorable! So not only is this animal able to protect itself and thrive when it’s just a baby, it’s also a cutey! Most species of oryx exist only in captivity, with large efforts underway to re-introduce them into the wild with stronger numbers and a protection order against big game hunters. Hopefully this all works out and we have many years of living in an oryx filled world ahead of us!

baby-oryx baby-oryx-pics oryx-baby-pics

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Baby Reindeer For Christmas!


You can’t think of the holiday season without thinking about reindeer folks, and who can blame you!? They’re very interesting animals, and they make very cute babies! Reindeer are the only species of deer in which both makes and females grow antlers, and are also the only species that grows new antlers annually, but reindeer calves don’t grow antlers until they’re between eighteen months and two years old. Reindeer babies can be found all over the northern-most parts of North America and Eurasia, where they grow up to pull sleds, pull plows, and pull Santa’s Sleigh. They are given these jobs because they’re such strong animals who are known for their work ethic and ability to adjust to the cold. Reindeer have been found to be able to lower the temperature of their legs so as to keep more heat in their core and stay warm and healthy during the winter. The most famous baby reindeer ever is obviously Rudolph, who spent his early days being picked on for his bright and shiny nose, but ended up a hero when he took over as the lead deer on Santa Claus’ sleigh. So not only do reindeer help to make sure that fields are plowed and supplies are delivered, they make sure that Christmas goes off without a hitch!

baby-reindeer-cute baby-reindeer-cute-pics baby-reindeer-cute-picture baby-reindeer-cute-pictures baby-reindeer-pic

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Baby Turtles On Their Journey To The Ocean

baby-turtleBaby turtles are one of the more adorable creatures in the animal kingdom; unfortunately they’re considered a meal by some of the more sly predators in the world. You see, sea turtles are known to lay their eggs in the shallow sand of the coast line in places on every continent except Antarctica; these eggs hatch baby sea turtles into a place that’s not exactly the most friendly to their survival efforts. So it has become one of the most tense and also the most beautiful events in the world when sea turtle eggs hatch and the newborns have to make their run for the relative safety of the ocean while all sorts of avian predators, crabs, and even racoons try to make them a meal. A mother sea turtle lays eggs on the beach and then has to leave for her own safety, so the eggs incubate for about eight weeks unguarded from humans and any other creature that might destroy them shearly by accident. They usually hatch at night, and through shear instinct and perhaps some lunar cycle signals, they make their way to the water. When they’re finally safe, sea turtles live very long lives (sometimes they reach the one hundred year mark!), but due to this rough first few moments of life, they’ve become an endangered species. So be careful when you walk on the beach, and always yell at any beach going racoons you see, because baby sea turtles need your help!

baby-turtle-pics baby-turtles baby-turtles-hatching baby-turtles-journey baby-turtles-pics

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