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Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs

pot belly porker

Just like their name suggests, Vietnamese pot bellied pigs are a species which has its origins in the Asian nation of Vietnam. Why then have these adorable animals become so popular all over the world? Just like the pink pigs you’re used to seeing on farms, pot bellied pigs are famous for their intelligence. Unlike your average pink pig, pot bellied pigs are generally not feed pigs – not used to slaughter for food. Instead, mostly these portly pigs are kept as pets! Lucky for them. These adorable piglets are cheerful and funny and grow up to be a bit smaller than your average pig. That’s good because who wants a pet that can grow to be a 1,000 pounds like a full-grown farm hog (they don’t call em hogs for nothing). These guys can still reach 250 lbs but average a much more manageable 140 lbs. That is still pretty big, these porkers eat a lot so if you want one as a pet keep in mind it is a serious task to take care of an animal like this. In some regions you may be able to adopt pigs from people who have underestimated the requirements of taking care of the animals.

The pot bellies grow a thin, course coat of thistle-like hairs which are fun to pet. Unsurprisingly, these cute baby animals and their grown up counterparts respond very well to reward-training with food, and can be trained to be quite obedient with just the shake of a can of treats. They have a lifespan somewhat similar to those of medium-sized dogs, living from 12-17 years.

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Pygmy Pigs – Tiny, Cute and Ready for a Closeup!

At Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, England this adorable baby piglet poses sweetly on a bit of fake fruit for a calendar photo-shoot. These adorably baby animals are called pygmy pigs; or sometimes “micro”, “mini” or “teacup” pigs – you’ll see why when you have a look at the pretty piglets we have in store for you.

You might remember the term “pygmy” from our story about the adorable Harry the Hippo. Why stop at just baby animals when you can have baby pygmy animals and dress them up with scarves or in boots? Or, if you just like swine and can’t get enough piglets, remember to go back into the archive for our last spotlight on adorable baby pigs!

These tiny piglets are some of a variety of different specially bred pet pigs ranging from the original potbelly pig which was as big as 26 inches down to the latest innovations in tiny pig technology such as the “Mini Juliana” pig, which is at most a full 10 inches smaller than the potbelly, at only 16 inches! WOW!

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Even Bulldogs Think Piglets Are Cute

Wow, that is cute; it doesn’t get much cuter either. The pictures that you’re looking at were taken at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary in Berlin (Germany), where 8 year old French Bulldog ‘Baby’ has taken to raising a group of wild boar piglets. When the piglets arrived at the sanctuary, they were just 3 days old and freezing; immediately Baby began to snuggle to snuggle them and keep them warm. Officials at the sanctuary believe that the piglets’ mother was killed by a hunter, but their new mom has the experience to get the job done. Apparently overflowing with maternal instincts, Baby has raised racoons, cats, and many other animals in the past; so no one was surprised when she began to care for the new babies. The babies are currently being bottle-fed, with officials planning to release them into a reserve once they are able to feed themselves.

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Piglets Are As Cute As You Thought They Were, But Far More Interesting

Old McDonald had a farm, and on that farm was the domestic pig. The domestic pig is born as an adorable pink piglet that weighs just 3.3 pounds (1.5 kilograms). They don’t stay that small for long though; they double in size by the end of their first week of life. Pigs are the forth most intelligent member of  the animal kingdom; at just two weeks old, baby piglets already know their names and will respond when called. Pigs are very warm and social creatures that form close bonds with each other, and other animals. Pigs communicate with each other by grunting, and enjoy snuggling close together.  Also, despite what most people believe, pigs are actually very clean animals! Even baby piglets, only a few hours old, will leave the nest to relieve themselves. A surprisingly athletic animal, pigs are great swimmers and can run a mile in just seven minutes, that’s faster than most humans! So if a pig is ever chasing you, don’t run, because they will catch you, and they probably just want to cuddle.

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Red River Hog Piglets

Red river hoglits or bush piglets are handsome little swine from the forests of Africa and Madagascar. They grow up to be a little ugly with a knotted faces and tusks but their coloration is still an impressive brown-orange-red when full grown. Piglets have light colored orange-ish stripes and spots running down their backs. Once they are born they go right to work with the other hogs, doing what pigs do, rooting around looking for any available vegetable or animal matter that they can eat so that they quickly grow to be full-sized ugly hogs (up to 250 pounds – 115 kilograms).

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Can You Believe It? Adorable Pygmy Elephants!

To start – “Pygmy Elephant” is a term sometimes incorrectly used to describe several different types of adorable and smaller-than-average elephants. Several different extinct species of unusually small island dwelling elephants are sometimes incorrectly called “pygmy” when in fact they are their own species, and are termed “dwarf elephants”. Also called pygmy elephants are what are thought to be an emerging sub-species of the African Forest Elephant. More commonly, the well known Borneo Elephant is often called “pygmy”. Of course, no matter what you call these petite pachyderms, they are still make some of the cutest baby animals in the world!

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